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Balcony Flowers #118

Let the Time of Roses begin :-).

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The Italian Flyer III

I forgot that I had a third photo of the Piaggio P.180 Avanti we recently saw flying circles over the city. It looks even weirder from this perspective – are those LASERS? Take cover! :-)

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Springflowers #150

A big white Rhododendron for Springflower #150. I posted the first photo of
the series on February 2nd, so about four months of Spring equals 150 photos :-).

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Balcony Flowers #117

This Anemone decided to become extra large, practically Tulip-size!
This is from May 7th, when we had great weather. Today it’s 10°C and raining!

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City Views #185: Random Corner

Just another random street corner I picked from an old series of photos from 2005.

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Don’t Drink and Fly!

Continuing with the flight theme of the evening (three astronauts just launched to the ISS and are already in Earth orbit!) here’s the third of the hot air balloons from Sunday. I always find it amusing to see beer advertisements on these – do they serve alcoholic beverages on board? :-)

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Springflowers #149

There are purple, red, pink and these white Rhododendrons around here :-).

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Balcony Flowers #116

Something’s peeking! (Actually from May 5th, just thought I’d mention that!)

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City Views #184: Concrete Office Monster

This is the left of the twin office buildings right across from Mülheim’s main railway station – you can see the walkway to the other almost identical building here. They originally both belonged to a big software company which has since sold one of these and is now thinking of moving out of the other one. These offices have only been built about twenty years ago and now they’re already half empty.

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Cloudscapes #30

I’ll skip the second round of flowers today, instead here’s a bit of sky painting from late April.

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