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Moon #192

A quickly processed, slightly hazy Moon from just an hour ago.

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Moon #191

This is not my first Moon shot of this year, but the most recent one from last night – we didn’t get to see the eclipse here in Europe, but at least a look at the almost full Super Moon yesterday!

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Moon #190

Monday’s Moon, the last time I’ve actually seen it thanks to the lousy weather.

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Moon #189

Here’s a Moon shot from October 9 that I totally forgot to process.

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Moon #188

A rare break in the clouds gave me the chance to take a photo of yesterday’s full Moon!

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Moon #187

Here’s the full Moon from August 7, before the weather went all naughty!

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Moon #186

Yesterday’s Moon, just because I was able to actually see it for a change!

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Moon #185

Another early evening blue sky Moon, this time from June 5!

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Moon #184

Here’s the full Moon from May 10th – this is a bit enhanced with more contast to bring out the details better. As usual, this was taken only with a Canon Powershot SX30 at full zoom and stacked from about 20 single shots with Registax and slightly edited with Paint Shop.

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Moon #183

A daylight Moon from May 5th.

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