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Moon #177

Tonight’s Moon, caught through the kitchen window!

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Moon #176

The full Moon from March 12 – a little hazy, but processing saved it!

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Moon #175

The next time I had a chance to take a Moon shot was on March 9 – when it was up in the daytime!


Moon #174

I took a bunch of Moon shots in the first half of March, but I only got around to process them yesterday. Here’s the very crater-y Moon from March 7th!

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Moon #173

The Moon from two days ago, before it started to get cloudy again.

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Moon #172

This is yesterday’s Moon I didn’t finish processing before bedtime :-).

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Moon #171

Tonight’s Moon, just because it’s not cloudy for a change!

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Moon #170

Another round of selfmade Astrophotography – tonight’s Moon, taken with only a Canon Powershot SX30 bridge camera, stacked from 20 single frames with Registax.

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Moon #169

Another pale daylight Moon, from January 10.

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Moon #168

A pale daylight moon from January 6.

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