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Return of the Blimp – 2018 Edition

Look who’s back – our local Blimp, Luftschiff Theo, has made his first flight of the season today!

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Migration 2018 #11

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A Blimp Goodbye

Our local Blimp Theo flew for the last time today this season – see you in the Spring!
This shot is actually from October 17 – I saw it flying in the distance today, but couldn’t get a clear shot. I’ve still got some more photos of the WDL blimp and even a little movie coming up soon.

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A Blimp Evening

There was something glowing in the sky yesterday evening – the WDL blimp on a dusk excursion!

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Return of the Blimp Summer

Luftschiff Theo has been in the air a lot these days!

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A Blimp Summer

There was a lot of that familiar buzz in the air in the last couple of weeks – Luftschiff Theo has been very busy! This photo is from June 5, but the blimp was around all this weekend too.

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Return of the Blimp 2017 – New Sponsor Edition

The WDL blimp Theo has a new sponsor now – the Centro is a huge
shopping mall in Oberhausen, our neighbouring city North of us!

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Return of the Blimp 2017 – Night Edition

Theo, the new WDL blimp, can really glow at night!

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Return of the Blimp 2017 – Video Edition

Just a quick video of our local blimp – this is the first time this year I’ve caught Theo on video! There’s also the usual Youtube version in case this self-hosted version doesn’t play right (which it usually does).

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Return of the Blimp – 2017 Edition

Today, our local Blimp stationed at the Airport Essen-Mülheim flew over the inner city for the first time this year! Theo, named for the late founder of WDL Aviation, Theodor Wüllenkämper, had already made a test flight yesterday, but only today visited the inner city. This year, the blimp, or Zeppelin, as we often incorrectly call it here in Mülheim, has even joined social media – you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on Youtube, where you can watch a livestream directly from the airport.

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