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A Blimp Evening

There was something glowing in the sky yesterday evening – the WDL blimp on a dusk excursion!

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Low Approach V

The Lufthansa A319 ‘Babybus’ also came very close that day
the approach route shifted right over the inner city!

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Low Approach IV

The tail end of the Eurowings jet that was right above me in the previous photo.

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Low Approach III

I said on the last plane photo that it was right on top,
but actually this one was completely above me!

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Low Approach

For about half an hour this afternoon, the approach flight path to Düsseldorf International seemed to have shifted to the West, making some of the inbound planes fly really low over our inner city. This one already had the landing gears down – I’ve rarely seen planes fly so low around here!

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Star Wars in the Skies II

A couple of days ago, ANA’s Dreamliner with the R2D2 Star Wars livery was in Düsseldorf again and this time I used my trusty Canon Powershot SX30 to get a proper closeup of this amazing plane!

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Return of the Red Baron

I hadn’t seen the famous Antonov AN-2 in quite a while!

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Cloudscapes #180

A sunrise from April 1 that I completely forgot to post.

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Return of the Blimp 2017 – Video Edition

Just a quick video of our local blimp – this is the first time this year I’ve caught Theo on video! There’s also the usual Youtube version in case this self-hosted version doesn’t play right (which it usually does).

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Return of the Blimp – 2017 Edition

Today, our local Blimp stationed at the Airport Essen-Mülheim flew over the inner city for the first time this year! Theo, named for the late founder of WDL Aviation, Theodor Wüllenkämper, had already made a test flight yesterday, but only today visited the inner city. This year, the blimp, or Zeppelin, as we often incorrectly call it here in Mülheim, has even joined social media – you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on Youtube, where you can watch a livestream directly from the airport.

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