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The Fast Flyer

The days are getting shorter, but the birds still fly as fast as ever –
I was lucky I caught this little Bluetit on camera at all!

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The High Flyer

I was barely able to spot it with my eyes, but my trusty Canon Powershot SX30 got much closer to this big bird flying high above. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but it could be a Kestrel or Turmfalke since they’re know to be nesting in Mülheim’s church towers.

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Balcony Birds VII

This Blackbird has bit of an Angry Bird vibe!

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Balcony Birds VI

Blackbird with an opinion!

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Balcony Birds V

My balcony seems to be a favourite of the Blackbirds recently.

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Balcony Birds IV

This slightly scruffy blackbird bonked against my window a moment before I took this photo…

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Balcony Birds III

It’s just a tiny flying dinosaur with feathers!

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Balcony Birds II

I think the Blackbirds have realized that my balcony is a very safe place to build a nest!

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Balcony Birds

They have literally taken over the balcony – they really built their nest in a secluded spot! Unfortunately I can’t take photos of it easily, but from time to time they buzz around the balcony looking slightly surprised that there’s a human living there too.

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Bird with Attitude

The Blackbirds are getting more and more bold these days!

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