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Just one Shot

The Robin was just sitting there for a few seconds, tweeting loudly –
and after I got one slightly blurry shot, it flew off again!

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The Holemaker

Back in August, the Woodpecker was back making holes in the siding of a nearby house!

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The Crowcast

This crow was making a racket sitting on the antenna of a nearby house,
pretty much the highest spot in the backyard!

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A couple of people have asked me why I’m not posting bird photos anymore and the answer is simply that they’re all hiding in the greenery at the moment – you can hear them, but hardly see them! This straggly bluetit is actually from early June.

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The Perch

Pigeon’s gonna pigeon! I just wonder how it got a grip on that lamp.

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Roof Ornament

That pigeon was sitting on the roof like a gargoyle! :-)

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That is a Wood Pigeon with some twigs in its beak sitting on my kitchen windowsill – it’s building a nest in the thick ivy that grows in the corner left of my window! I had been wondering about all the recent cooing and flapping, but now I’ve actually seen them fly into the ivy. They first land in the Rowan, then go up to my windowsill and from there they almost throw themselves into the ivy.

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Balcony Boss

This little one here seemed to think it owns my balcony!

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Here’s the video of that little Robin who was using the Maple as a broadcasting tower. I filmed this handheld, so it’s a little bit shaky and I didn’t want to use any filters, but you can really hear the Robin sing its heart out! This embedded version is locally hosted, but you can also watch the Youtube version here, although the quality might not be as good due to the reprocessing.

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Robin at Work

This little Robin was singing so loud that you could hear it all over the backyard!

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