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Springflowers 2015 #177

Not really a flower, but a little forest of ferns from the backyard!

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Leaf Maps Summer 2014 Edition

I haven’t done many of these this year, it’s time to catch up!

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Springflowers #160

This is how our backyard lawn, which is actually a meadow, should really look like all the time. Unfortunately our landlord company has the grass mowed every four weeks and only when the weather is just right the daisies and dandelions really come out in force.

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Almost Ready

The miniature Strawberries are coming along fine! I think I should open a new series-slash-category for everything eatable from the balconies, but I’m not sure yet how to call it. Balcony Fruit’n’Vegs? :-)

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Springflowers #120

Okay, it’s not actually a flower, but I may have a sort of theme going here :-).

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Springflowers #113

More pink poofy flowers :-)

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Maple Roof

Looking up from below our favourite Maple tree.

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April Weather

Yes, this was April – partly rainy but not nearly as bad as last year.

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Springflowers #89

This is not really a flower, but it’s newly growing so that also counts :-).

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Balcony Flowers #51

Oops, a non-flower has snuck in the series – but that was the beginning of the Wine leaves in early April!

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