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Cloudscapes #186

The weather is really cold for this time of year, but the clouds are pretty!

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Rainbow Surprise II

A closeup of yesterday’s quickly vanishing rainbow.

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Rainbow Surprise

Today brought the second double rainbow of this year!

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Cloudscapes #185

A Sunrise from about a month ago.

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Spring Rainbow

This evening’s rainbow made up for the uneven weather we had this week!

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The Blimp is Back 2019 Edition

Today, our local blimp, called Theo after the late founder of the WDL,
made its first flight of the season – welcome back!

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Happy New Year 2019 #2

I was actually able to take a few fireworks photos last night! Here’s one of the best ones.

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Happy New Year 2019

I haven’t actually been able to take any good Fireworks images since the end of 2016, but for the last post of this year here’s an edit of the same photo I’ve used last year – I keep coming back to it!
Happy New Year 2019 everyone!

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The Junkers Surprise

One of the last seven flightworthy Junkers JU-52 flew over this weekend – a welcome sight since one of the three Swiss ones tragically crashed in the Swiss Alps in August with all lives lost.

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Return of the Blimp – Late Summer Edition

The blimp has been flying a bit infrequently in August due to the heatwave, but when Luftschiff Theo took to the air, it often flew the whole day long.

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