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Moon #242

A quick single handheld shot of the Moon with the SX70 from this evening.

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Moon #241

A clearer sky tonight and the Moon is showing some nice craters.

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Moon #240

The Moon is very bright tonight so I gave the SX-70 another try.

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Moon #239

The storm blew away the clouds and so the SX-70 can have another try, which turned out even better!

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Moon #238

Another Moon shot tryout with the SX-70, this one turned out pretty good.

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Moon #237

A Moon test shot with the Canon Powershot SX-70 – same focal length as the SX-60 but more Megapixels.

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Moon #236

First time I’ve seen the Moon this year… and an hour later it got foggy!

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Moon #235

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Moon #234

Tonight’s Moon, because I haven’t posted a Moon shot in such a long time!

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Moon #233

It’s been a while since I took a Moon shot!

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