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Balcony Flowers 2017 #461

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Crossy Spider – XL Lunch Edition

That Cross Spider had something wrapped up for dinner!

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Crossy Spider – XL Edition on the Run

This photo is framed a bit tight because the moment I took it, the spider turned around and started to scuttle off to the left!

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Crossy Spider – XL Edition

This Garden Cross Spider had taken up residence right in front of my satellite dish – and it was at least five times the size of the other ones I’ve encountered so far! Could this be a pregnant female?

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Mini Crossy Spider III

With the help of my 28mm Beroflex and the macro tubes I got even closer to one of the Garden Cross Spiders on my balcony – remember those are just half a centimeter long!

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Mini Crossy Spider II

The little Garden Cross Spider was still spinning its web in the tomatoes today.

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Double Fly

It was impossible to get them both into focus, but the bokeh fly looked even better.
And I have no idea why I never posted this before last month when I shot it!

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Mini Crossy Spider

I almost didn’t notice this very tiny Garden Cross Spider today on the balcony!

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Sunny Fly XXVIII

More unposted fly macros!

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Butterflying VI

It’s a little bit unsharp, but this is the only shot I was able to grab of this white butterfly!

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