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Sun #2

Slightly more advanced solar photography from August 23, this time with a tripod and stacked from 10 exposures. I’ve still been using those old 1999 solar glasses taped to the lens of my Canon Powershot SX30, but this result with several visible sunspots is surprisingly good.

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Sun #1

And now for something slightly different: my first attempt at sun photography from noon today: I found a pair of unused old solar glasses from the 1999 eclipse and taped them to the lens of my Canon Powershot SX30! Don’t worry, the cardboard actually covered the whole lens and the 35x zoom went over the full the solar foil area, so there was no danger of melting the camera. To my surprise, I was even able to resolve the one measely sunspot we have right now! When the US eclipse is over and the prices for solar filters go down again, I’m definitively getting one for the SX30 to make more sun shots.

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