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Moon #219

I was lucky to get a shot of today’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse –
you can just make out the faint shadow on the lower right!

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Moon #218

Two days ago the Moon actually peeked through long enough to take a decent photo.

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Moon #217

One day after Full Moon yesterday and the seeing was much better!

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Moon #216

A slightly blurry shot of yesterday’s full Moon.

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Moon #215

Yesterday’s Moon and probably the last for a while because the weather doesn’t play along anymore.

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Moon #214

More Moon with the SX60!

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Moon #213

Yesterday’s Moon, another try with the Canon Powershot SX60 with even more detail.

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Moon #212

A first attempt shooting the Moon with the Canon Powershot SX60 – more resolution, more detail, but the seeing was not that good so there’s still room for improvement.

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Moon #211

A very small and cratery Moon from two days ago.

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Moon #210

Yesterday’s almost full Harvest Moon.

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