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City Views #265: Inner City Demolition 18

A panorama from Mülheim’s Viktoriaplatz from January 16th, 2008 – a week after the almost-accident six days before. Most of the remaining building had been removed, but at that point the demolition work had been halted again because the adjacent house had really been damaged – you can see a tarp over the roof. That was bad news for the city government, because the house belongs to a lawyer, but even he was in for a big surprise which I’ll tell in the next photo posts.

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Balcony Flowers #512

The pink Zinnia really took its time to fully unfold.

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Summer Flowers #116

Something tall and purple from a front yard.

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Balcony Veggies: Halloween Edition

This year’s balcony pumpkin harvest :-).

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Balcony Flowers #511

Another red Zinnia shot with some tomato blossom bokeh :-).

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Cactus Flower 2014-II #15

White Cactus Flower duet, not quite complete yet.

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City Views #264: Inner City Demolition 17

One last shot from the precarious situation during the demolition work in Mülheim’s Viktoriaplatz in the early evening of January 10th, 2008. From this perspective, you can see how huge the chunk of wall was that the excavator had gripped – if this had fallen on the roof of the next-door house, there would have been huge damage. And later, there was actual damage, as the last couple of photos in this series will show.


Balcony Flowers #510

It’s hard to recreate the colour of this Zinnia in a photo, but I think this is pretty close.

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Balcony Flowers #509

The center of the sunflower had closed by now.

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Summer Flowers #115

Last of the Dogwood Rose series, this one was perhaps the freshest one of them!

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