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City Views #905: Into the Autumn 1

Back in mid-October, I took a long walk around Mülheim’s Freilichtbühne, an historic open air tribune in the middle of a green patch. I actually ended up walking much further than I intended, but I got a lot of wonderful autumn photos that I’ll post as part of the City Views series in colour only.

« Google Maps » | Date: 15.10.2017

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Autumn 2017 #38

About two weeks ago, we still had occasional good weather and a few leaves on the trees!

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Autumn 2017 #2

The left Maple is getting some Autumn colours too (somewhat HDR-enhanced, though).

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Autumn 2017 #1

I realized today that I haven’t posted a single shot in the Summer Season category this year, even though I had taken and even processed some. I will post all those as a gallery tomorrow, but meanwhile here’s the first Autumn-y shot from today, a HDR tonemapped from a single RAW shot.

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Spring 2017 #1

This will be the more general Spring photography, meaning everything except flowers. Here’s the traditional Tree Shadow shot I take every Spring!

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Autumn 2016 #85

From November 18, the last bits of Autumn almost giving way to Winter.

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Autumn 2016 #71

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Autumn 2016 #58

The Maple tree in front of the Balconies on the last day of August – in slightly heavy HDR.

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Autumn 2016 #6

It’s getting very autumn-ny here – this from this afternoon (and a bit HDR-improved)!

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River Views #73: Wasserbahnhof 3

Looking South from the bridge that connects Mülheim’s Schleuseninsel with the mainland, you can see the that the bridge is actually on top of the lock. The Wasserbahnhof building is back in the distance.

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