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Early Autumn Rainbow

The weather is already in Autumn mode, but inbetween
the rain we got a nice double rainbow this afternoon!

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Rainbow at the Heat’s End

The August heatwave finally came to an end on the weekend
and yesterday we had the first proper rainbow in ages.

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Rainbow Surprise IV

Today’s double rainbow wasn’t really a surprise, I saw it coming and had the camera ready!

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Rainbow Surprise III

We had a lot of rain yesterday, followed by a faint rainbow that needed a lot of HDR enhancement to shine.

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Rainbow Surprise II

A closeup of yesterday’s quickly vanishing rainbow.

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Rainbow Surprise

Today brought the second double rainbow of this year!

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Spring Rainbow

This evening’s rainbow made up for the uneven weather we had this week!

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Cloudscapes #154

The weather continues to be extremely lousy, but at least we got one brief rainbow today inbetween.

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Blue Rainbow

This is the same photo of yesterday’s rainbow I already posted, but with a different white balance. While this version does not look like the real thing, it brings out the rainbow a bit more.

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Golden Rainbow

We had some very odd light when this fantastic double rainbow showed up earlier today!
This is not colour corrected, but I may post a different, more blue version tomorrow.

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