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Remember those red diesel locomotives I posted a while back? Here’s a model of one, shot as a macro test with my new camera. Actually this is not really a macro, but a zoom shot from a distance.

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Just putting the SX1 through the paces… a bit of model train macro is a good excercise!


Ghosts in the Machine

I found this on my sd card a while back… I have no idea how this happened :-).

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Construction I

Just for fun, a view of the big construction site near the river. This would fit great into the City Views series, but I want to keep it in monochrome and this shot only works really in colour. But the City Views will continue soon after I’ve sorted out some more photos!

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You know how it is when you put something together – no matter how careful you work, there are always some parts left! But these are actually some intentional spare parts from my Lego Curiosity Rover :-).

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Happy Easter!

Our somewhat feeble attempt at Easter decorations :-).
I’ll be posting some other photos later.

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Galileo was right

This is just to prove that I occasionally take photos of something else than flowers :-).

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Return of the Duck

Remember that Citroen 2CV6 I took a photo of all the way back in November? I saw it again today, parked in a convenient spot and I could not resist taking another photo of it!

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Just a Pigeon

So it has come to this: I’m posting somewhat blurry pigeon photos because I’ve got nothing much else at the moment. Well, actually I have lots of stuff, but it’s all for the City Views series and not post-processed yet. So, here’s a city pigeon in some pumped-up colours :-).

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No Entry for Giants

Just for fun… the entrance of the aforementioned supermarket car park, height-restricted so it doesn’t become a lorry park at night. Must have been quite a bang sometime last week when this happened! The entrance at the other side also looks a bit banged up, someone seems to have been really determined :-).

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