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Spring 2017 #1

This will be the more general Spring photography, meaning everything except flowers. Here’s the traditional Tree Shadow shot I take every Spring!

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Winter 2017 #20

One last photo of the snowy branches.

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Winter 2017 #13

Even with only a light snow dusting, the backyard with its trees looks radically different!

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Winter 2016 #2

More bare branches – also, I’m not going to write a comment
for each photo from now, they should be largely self-explanatory.

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Winter 2016 #1

Last week, I took the opportunity of having slightly good weather for a change to shoot some tree photos, which I’m grouping this year under the Winter label instead of having a dedicated tree category. Somehow, I didn’t like the colour versions and I ended up processing all of them in black and white, although there is not one snowflake in sight here. This is, of course, the famous maple tree in front of our balconies seen from the side – in its (sadly) snowless winter dress

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Gallery: Snow 2015

No, we haven’t had much snow this year except from one brief bit that vanished overnight – this is the Snow Album of 2015 – which was actually just from one single day on January 24. I thought it might be a good moment to share this now, followed by the Autumn shots to create a new category for seasons which will be the home for all those tree and other nature shots except flowers I often take. Click on the preview photo above or the link below to go to the gallery, but you can also find a G+ version over on my Google+ Profile or the Seasons Gallery Collection.

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