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Cloudscapes #174

That cloud on the right is definitively doing the Twist! :-)

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Cloudy Timelapse II

Here’s the second timelapse I took with my phone recently.

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Cloudy Timelapse

I completely forgot to post this – I made a timelapse with the help of my smartphone last month and it turned out very well. I used an app called LapseIt to take the photos and then put them together on the PC with VirtualDub. I’ve also made a second one, but I haven’t had time to upload it yet.

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Cloudscapes #173

Haven’t posted one of these for a while, so here are some clouds from early August!

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Cloudscapes #172

Somewhat prettier July skies!

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Cloudscapes #171

Moody skies from early June.

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Cloudscapes #170

If that’s not a Dragon on the lower right, I don’t know what is! :-)

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Cloudscapes #169: In Memory of my Mom

Yesterday morning, my Mom Angela unexpectedly passed away. I’d like to dedicate this photo from the morning of the 16th, when she was still alive, to her – we were very close and she was a wonderful mother, so this is very sad for me. She was also a photographer ever since she was a kid and while she gave up taking photos herself and turned it over to me, many photos I’m always showing here were made with her right beside me. She will live on in the spirit of my photos and maybe I will show some of her old photography in the future here. Life goes on – I will maybe take a little break of a couple of days until I feel better and then I’ll start posting again. Thanks to everyone who comments, likes and plusses our photos – your conversation and feedback meant a lot not only to me, but also to my mother.

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Cloudscapes #168

Due to a family medical emergency I had no time and energy to post a full set of photos as usual, so I’ll just use this cloud shot from early May to continue the tradition of posting at least one photo every day since at least 2012 when I joined Google+! I expect I will return to the normal schedule tomorrow.

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Cloudscapes #167

More crazy clouds from early May.

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