Archive 9. March 2014

Birdspotting Gallery 2013

With the birdspotting already starting up again, I thought it would be good to collect all of last year’s bird photos into a separate gallery, since I had not categorized them properly when I initially posted them on the blog. There are the usual suspects, but also some we’ve never seen before. Because the photos have been separated from their blog postings, I’ve added descriptions with the bird species in both English and German.

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City Views #149: 110 Years

I found this inscription on a house not far from where we live – I know that there are a lot of old buildings around here, but this is the first one I found that actually advertises it!

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Spring Migration #1

We spent the majority of this Sunday out on the balcony, and if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have seen this spectacle: there were two giant swarms of cranes circling right overhead for minutes. They seemed to be riding the thermals for some time before they organized themselves in a v-shape and flew off to the northeast. We’ve seen many bird swarms before, but this was the most magnificent one yet. I took many photos and it’s really difficult to choose the best – this is only a wide-angle overwiew.

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Cactusflower 2014 #18

Since I didn’t get any really good shots today, here’s another one from yesterday with the upright blossom.

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Springflowers #31

Another one of the blossoms from the backyard bush.

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