City Views #317: City Walk 12

Walking a bit further from the pedestrian bridge, you’ll come upon this big square building – it’s the “back” of the old Hertie department store here in Mülheim, part of the inner city shopping mall. I’ve shown this one before, but this is a new, slightly sharper shot from November with the new camera. Half of the gambling casino has now been turned into a tanning salon because of new regulations that prohibit casinos getting too big – the other one might have to close too, because it is located directly across a kindergarden. The shopping center building once used to contain a whole department house, but today it’s carved up into many different shops and venues like a supermarket, clothes store, a multiplex cinema, fitness studio and some offices. There are entrances on both sides – if you walk left, you go right into the shopping center, on the right you can go either into the mall or to the tram, bus and railway station (I don’t have any good photos of that area yet, but next time I’ll go along there, I’ll take some!)

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