Archive 7. March 2016

City Views #562: The Casino 1

Mülheim’s famous Casino – I’ve posted a photo of it before from the archives, but this is a fresh one from last month. I’ve since found out that this was built originally in 1841 by the Casino Society who used it as a sort of club house – the building has a ballroom, several club rooms, a bowling alley and a wine cellar! But it has actually been used by the protestant church as a community center since it was sold by the Casino Society in 1940 and there’s apparently also a music school located in some of its rooms today. It’s mostly surrounded by modern buildings today at the West end of the inner city near the riverfront, but in the background you can see one of the few surviving timber-framed houses.
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Cactus Flower 2016 #36

Another one against the light.

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Springflowers 2016 #6

Some front yards in the neighbourhood are beginning to blossom!

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