Archive 3. January 2021

City Views on Tour Special: Deutsches Technikmuseum 11

German TV studio equipment from the late 1950s or early 1960s.
The bulky machine in the top right corner is a videotape recorder!

« Google Maps » | Date: 30.12.2017

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City Views on Tour #810: Snow Edition

Today we got a snow surprise – it snowed a little, but steadily for half the day
and brought a light white cover to our corner of Kreuzberg.

« Google Maps » | Date: 3.1.2021

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River Views #784: Early River Autumn 61

A wide view of Mülheim’s inner city from South of the Schloßbrücke.

« Google Maps » | Date: 22.09.2020

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Balcony Flowers 2020 #284

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