City Views on Tour #915: Berlin 2022

Today, I arrived back in Berlin Kreuzberg again for the Holidays, although this is an old photo from December 2017. I just looked up where this bear was located: it’s the Buddy Bear #76 at the corner of Wiener Strasse and Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg! Unfortunately the GPS data on the original image is missing, but I knew I took the photo on the way to the Görlitzer Bahnhof U-Bahn station, so it was still easy to find. Sadly it seems that the bear is not there anymore because the Cafe Morena it belonged to seems to have closed or relocated, but I will always remember it from my first trip to Berlin after our last visit back in 1989.

« Google Maps » | Date: 30.12.2017

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  1. That’s sad. That bear is really cute.