Archive 16. July 2013

City Views #11: Petrikirche III

I showed a similar perspective before from a 2009 photo, but I think this view of the Petrikirche from below is the better one, even if it’s only an early 2003 shot made with a 2 megapixel Canon Powershot A200.

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The Foundling

I don’t even exactly remember where this tree is – I found this shot while looking for something appropriate for #TreeTuesday over on Google+ :-).

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Balcony Flowers #8

The Spring- and Summerflowers need a successor, so here’s an eggplant flower from the balcony!

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Spring & Summer Flowers 2013

I posted the first entry of the Springflowers series back on April 17th and the last one yesterday, almost three months later. I never thought that the collection would be so huge this year, but the photo opportunities just kept coming and in July I renamed the series to Summerflowers. Now, in the middle of July, it’s time to bring the series to an end and collect all the photos into their own gallery. There are actually 101 images in there, because somewhere I seem to have lost count. But here they are – 101 flowers :-).

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