City Views #20: Highrises III

A wider view of the perspective in the last photo, again from 2004 – the four highrises are on the left and you can see the city hall tower with an administrative building and the former city library, but both have been torn down today and replaced with other buildings. The highrises were the “pride and joy” of the city in the 1970s, when Mülheim had a population of almost 200.000 (today we’re down to barely 170.000) and a lot of living space was needed, but later they became decrepit and there was talk of demolishing at least two of them when the enormeous amount of flats was not needed anymore. In the early 1990s the adjacent shopping mall was extensively renovated and the highrises changed owners several times before three of them were completely renovated and the fourth was later bought by the city, who turned it into an administrative building to house the Technisches Rathaus (technical city hall).

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