City Views #45: Schloßstrasse VII

The view of Mülheim’s Schloßstrasse, the inner city pedestrian zone, right when you come out of the shopping mall. This square is actually called Kurt-Schumacher-Platz, but for obvious reasons everybody calls it Pflasterstrand (cobble beach). Below it is part of the 100 meter long tunnel with the Eppinghofer Strasse which was built in 1986 – before, this used to be a high-traffic pedestrian crossing with streetlights and everything. It’s more peaceful now, but the paving is not particularly attractive. The main design, three small circles and a large one, is actually really only visible from the air. This photo was again taken in 2003 and today it looks about the same here, except the Extra supermarket on the right, which used to be a Spar before, is now gone, replaced with yet another clothes discounter.

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