City Views #46: Forum I

A quick peek into the Forum, our local shopping center, in its 2003 incarnation. While it looks basically still the same today, some of the glass panes from the roof have been removed, the small trees are also gone and the fruit and vegetable stand is also not there anymore. It is a fairly large building (about 150 meters long) with two storeys, but it can get crowded quickly down here on the street level during the rush hour. Unfortunately the company running it was bought by a hedge fund a couple of years ago and since then there have been a lot of regrettable changes. But at least we have an a large book shop, an electronics store, a drugstore, a pharmacy and two big groceries… but too many clothes, shoe and cellphone shops. But I guess we shouldn’t complain, because if it wasn’t for this, we would not have all the necessary shopping opportunities about 5-10 minutes walking distance from home.

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