Archive 9. February 2014

City Views #126: Architecture XIV

Another interesting house front from the neighbourhood – this will be the last of the Architecture series, but only for now. I’ve already taken a batch of new interesting photos, but I’ll first take a break with all the houses and post some more odds and ends I have lying around.

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Just a Pigeon

So it has come to this: I’m posting somewhat blurry pigeon photos because I’ve got nothing much else at the moment. Well, actually I have lots of stuff, but it’s all for the City Views series and not post-processed yet. So, here’s a city pigeon in some pumped-up colours :-).

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Balcony Flowers #3

I mistakingly filed the last daffodil under Springflowers instead of Balcony Flowers, because that’s what they really are. They’re not even newly planted, they just last year’s daffodils making a return appearance :-).

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