Archive 12. February 2014

City Views #129: Far Far Away

Something from a perspective of the city I rarely visit these days: this was shot from a supermarket parking lot east of the inner city. The bridge bisecting the photo is the subway going into the main station tunnel to the right, the U18 actually runs above ground for a sizable portion of its line. In the background are, as usual, the omnipresent inner city highrises.

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Spring Maple

Yesterday, I decided to try if the two-megapixel camera on my tablet can at least be used to do something with Instagram, but this one is definitively NOT the photo I shot with it. The decidedly crappy Instagram shot can be found here and serves as an example why I won’t be using that camera and website for anything much. The tablet camera shot looks like one of these cheap 1980 pocket camera photos!

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Springflowers #9

I have actually no idea what this little tree is, perhaps an ornamental peach or something?

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