Archive 7. December 2014

City Views #299: Neighbourhood 6

Yet another corner in our Mülheim neighbourhood, this time standing directly in front of the beautiful house with the Greek restaurant on the street level.

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Cloudscapes #40

I still have a boatload of cloud shots from this summer, I think it’s time I post these!
This is from early July, a bit of a break in the nasty weather we sometimes had.

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Balcony Flowers #602

Another Pumpkin flower.

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Moonstack #49

First full Moon with the SX1! Not quite perfect because of some light cloud cover and still a bit noisy, but it’s a good effort nevertheless and much bigger and more detailed than with the S5!

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Christmas Tree – 2nd Advent Edition

Another slightly blurry attempt at capturing the tree, this time with some added red decoration. I shot this one handheld, but I’ll take a better “official” one for this year’s Christmas greetings later!

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Kitchen Flower #6

More of the Amaryllis resurrection from yesterday – today, the oldest two flowers which opened a week ago are wilting a little, but in this photo everything is still perky. Here you can see the duct tape repair work on the stem and the security string so it doesn’t keel over again :-).

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Balcony Flowers #601

Yes, it’s one of the Zinnias again, but they looked different each day!

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City Views #298: Neighbourhood 5

Continuing the Corner theme, this is exactly diagonal across the street from the previous photo. I’ve shown this house with the odd corner tower before, but on this corner was actually a wonderful huge tree probably more than half a century old that was felled for no apparent reason earlier this year – so this is actually a rather sad view.

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