Archive 26. December 2014

Kitchen Flower #13

Here’s a bit of Amaryllis with some Christmas lighting in the background for the second day of Christmas – Boxing Day in some countries, but in Germany it’s still an official holiday.

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Cactusflower 2014-II #49

Another fresh cactus flower photo from today – three blossoms are still open, but those will be the last probably until Spring. I’m actually posting less than I upload, but you can see all of this year’s photos since October either in their own Gallery here on my webspace or in the corresponding Google+ album – I may share some of the unposted ones as single images later, though!

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Dreaming of a … wet Christmas?

On the 24th and 25th, it actually rained all the time. The night before Christmas eve, the tree had fallen over again and we had to pull it up and secure it with some better rope in the rain. But today we actually had blue skies and a bit of sun and the weather forecast says something about snow coming on the weekend – the temperature has already dropped to a point that snow might be a definitive possibility! So maybe there will be some snow photography soon :-).

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