Archive 21. February 2017

River Views #154: Autumn on the Ruhr 44

This is Mülheim’s old Stadtbad, the former city swimming pools that were originally built in 1910. The building was heavily damaged at the end of the second world war, but rebuilt in the 1950s and 1960 and among the baths also housed part of the city library at one time. But when bigger and more modern swimming pools were built elsewhere in the city, there was no need for the relatively small and antiquated old city baths and in the late 1990s, it was only partly in use and finally closed down completely at the end of the 2000s to be remodeled into expensive apartments. While it still is a listed building today and its exterior has been at least somewhat preserved, it’s now private property and not open to the public anymore.

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King of the Birdfeeder

One of the Robins was hopping excitedly around the balcony today when the sun came out!

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Cactus Flower 2017 #15

Since I’m all out of Winter photos, let’s start with a Cactus Flower today :-).

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