Archive 9. April 2017


Here’s the video of that little Robin who was using the Maple as a broadcasting tower. I filmed this handheld, so it’s a little bit shaky and I didn’t want to use any filters, but you can really hear the Robin sing its heart out! This embedded version is locally hosted, but you can also watch the Youtube version here, although the quality might not be as good due to the reprocessing.

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City Views #731: The Kaufhof Demolition 7

Here you can see the where the Kaufhof car park used to connect to the main building. It looked pretty spectacular and that’s why I took quite a few photos from this side.

« Colour Version » | « Google Maps » | Date: 23.11.2016

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Robin at Work

This little Robin was singing so loud that you could hear it all over the backyard!

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Spring 2017 #20

From April 1, the Chestnut it now completely green. Follow-up photo is coming soon :-).

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Springflowers 2017 #35

From your friendly neighbourhood Daffodil patch :-).

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Balconyflowers 2017 #35

One of the best Daffodil shots from late March!

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