City Views #7: Petrikirche 1956

This looks like it’s photoshopped, but it’s actually a view of the Petrikirche without its tower from March 1956. The buildings of the Mausefalle I showed on the earlier pictures can be seen on the left, on the right is the Tersteegenhaus, which has become a small local museum today. The other buildings on the far left and right do not exist anymore today, but I will try to get a photo from the same perspective soon.

A note on the watermarks: I don’t intend to watermark all my photos, only these historic images, since they are somewhat rare and I put a lot of work into the scanning and restoration. I would not like to see them reposted or reproduced anywhere without my knowledge – this has happened before on Facebook and I would at least like to know where the photos are floating around.

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