City Views #65: Kaiserstrasse I

A new series in the City Views series, this time it’s a short walk up the Kaiserstrasse (literally Emperor Street, probably from Kaiser Wilhelm), one of the busiest streets in the city which at its northern end stops at the Kaiserplatz joining the Leineweberstrasse coming from the West and the Dickswall from the East. But this is the crossing three blocks up where it meets the Adolfstrasse (actually not named for a certain Adolf!) – at this corner, there’s a huge maple tree I’ve shown on some photos before. The building complex at the corner is the catholic hospital – some of it, the part after the gates next to the big tree, is supposed to be torn down and rebuilt in the next years. I don’t exactly know what the the little round building with the conical roof on the left once had been, but today there’s an ATM machine inside it.

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