Archive 17. January 2014

City Views #109: The Old Wall

It’s just the old wall at the lower end of the Eduardstraße in Mülheim – there is some evidence here that it once was part of a house. On another part of the wall, there is even a rest of door shape and more cellar windows even with some bits of window glass left. And yes, that’s barbed wire on the top to keep people crawling on top of it since it’s a pretty deep drop down on the other side! In the background you can again see the ever-present highrise buildings.

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Piano One

I’m fortunate to be the owner and inheritor of a 1906 Ibach upright piano – a friend over on Google+ inspired me to dig out and reprocess some old images from 2007 I took of this wonderful old instrument. Monochrome looked better with these old images, some more from the interior are coming in the next days!

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Cactus Flower #36

To prevent this from getting boring, here’s something different: today’s freshly opened cactus blossom in HDR – which was quite difficult because the cactus flowers are quite colourful to begin with!

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