Archive 11. January 2014

City Views #105: The Old House V

This is the last photo of the somewhat mysterious old house on Mülheim’s Dickswall. It’s the only free-standing house left on the whole street and seems to be considerably older than the rest of the buildings, but I have not been able to find out more about its history or how old it is exactly – I’m only sure that it seems to have survived both wars. Normally I want to keep the City Views series in black and white, but just this once I’ve also uploaded an alternate colour version of this photo.

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The Rock Garden

There’s a front yard with those pebbles in it near here, but until recently it never occured to me to take a photo of it. This is, of course, a HDR – otherwise it would have looked way too dull!

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Cactus Flower #30

For the fully opened blossom I chose a non-flash photo, which is actually the very first photo I took today.

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