Ibach One

In January, I shared a couple of older photos of my piano, but now I’ve taken some new ones which I processed in colour this time. It’s an Ibach upright piano originally built in 1906 with the older mechanic type, which has the dampeners above the hammers – more on that in the next days. This piano was originally given to my mother by her grandfather in 1959, who found it in an old military bunker and when I started playing piano in the early 1990s, it was still in great shape and just needed tuning and some refurbishments on the mechanic. Today it’s no beauty on the outside because it was painted partly yellow in the 1970s, but it still sounds gorgeous except three slightly detuned keys (the ones which got new strings in the 1990s) which need to be fixed. The keys have yellowed somewhat (slightly exaggerated here because of the warm colour timing) and were probably still made out of ivory, but overall the keyboard looks very good and, above all, plays well!

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