Classic Diesel

Here’s something from 2008 I found while rummaging around in the old photos: two classic diesel locomotives I managed to photograph out of a moving train. Apart from the unsightly graffiti, these were in their original livery, but they belonged to a private railway company called EfW instead of the Deutsche Bahn, who retired those locomotives in 2001. These are the Deutsche Bundesbahn Class V100, originally built between 1958 and 1963 in large quantities and used for regional and freight trains and occasionally for shunting.  Until their retirement, they were a very common sight even on electrified lines and afterwards many of them were bought by private companies, who used them for freight and repair work. I’m not sure how common they are nowadays, but in 2008 they were still around, often in their original wine-red liveries like the ones in this photo.

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