City Views #248: Inner City Demolition 1

This is the start of a longer 22-part series from the Winter 2007/2008, when a whole building complex right in the middle of Mülheim’s inner city pedestrian zone was demolished. The old Sparkasse bank building on the left side of the Viktoriaplatz, which was actually later mostly used by the city government, was torn down between November 2007 and January 2008 to make room for the new city library. It was a very impressive sight and not everything went according to plan: the first company doing the demolition went bankrupt and another company had problems tearing through the concrete, getting so far behind in the time plan that they sometimes even worked through the night much to the annoyance of the people living in the area. And shortly before they finished, they also managed to damage the roof of an adjacent house! I only came by there a couple of times during the demolition work, but I always took some photos like this one – the metal thing in front of the machine is actually a piece of art that lined up perfectly with it. It looks like it is attacking the building!

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