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City Views #544: Open Air 1

I was looking for some older photos to post when I realized I had never shown Mülheim’s Freilichtbühne in the City Views series – so here are a few shots from the archives from our city’s open-air theatre. It was originally built in the early 1930s in a former stone quarry and while it was almost completely dismantled during the war, it re-opened in the 1950s and until the late 1970s it was regularly in use for theater and music performances. Only in the last 15 years the stage with a capacity for 2000 people has been more regularly used, but the loud live music sometimes played there has been a bit of a problem for the immediate neighbourhood. I shot the few photos I’ve been able to findback in 2004 and I’m not sure what was being played here at this time, but it looks like some kind of children’s theater.
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Winter Flowers 2016 #7

I think it’s time for a Daisy once again. They’re basically present all year around :-).

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Winter 2016 #17

One of the first Maple tree shadows opportunities of this year.

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