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City Views #529: Up the South Hill 15

Here’s another panorama to the East of the previous one, covering the area of the upper Kämpchenstrasse left of the sports hall. In the summer you usually can’t see much from here because of the trees, but here you can see the middle school with its distinctive towe, the buildings of the trade school and the adjoining kindergarten peeking through. Plus lots of empty parking lots!
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Cactus Flower 2016 #21

This one looks like it’s ready to fly off!

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Winter 2016 #2

More bare branches – also, I’m not going to write a comment
for each photo from now, they should be largely self-explanatory.

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Gallery: Moon 2015

After watching the skies for planes, let’s do some amateur astrophotography – the Moon 2015 album has all the Moon shots from last year, which turned out to be a lot. We often had clear skies and the Powershot SX1 proved to be quite good even though the combination of a 20x zoom and 10 megapixels still only allows a full moon size of about 550-600 pixels in diameter. But it’s a distinct improvement over the S5 and with some careful stacking of several images using Registax it’s possible to get a surprising amount of detail. Click on the preview photo above or the link below to go to the gallery, but you can also find a G+ version over on my Google+ Profile or the Astrophotography Gallery Collection – but the gallery on my own webspace has the advantage of having uncompressed PNG images.

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