Gallery: Moon 2015

After watching the skies for planes, let’s do some amateur astrophotography – the Moon 2015 album has all the Moon shots from last year, which turned out to be a lot. We often had clear skies and the Powershot SX1 proved to be quite good even though the combination of a 20x zoom and 10 megapixels still only allows a full moon size of about 550-600 pixels in diameter. But it’s a distinct improvement over the S5 and with some careful stacking of several images using Registax it’s possible to get a surprising amount of detail. Click on the preview photo above or the link below to go to the gallery, but you can also find a G+ version over on my Google+ Profile or the Astrophotography Gallery Collection – but the gallery on my own webspace has the advantage of having uncompressed PNG images.

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