City Views #29: The Inner City

I’m surprised to find many photos in my archive on which at least one of the church towers in Mülheim’s inner city are visible. This photo from May 2004 was taken from the railway bridge crossing the Eppinghofer Strasse, on which the platforms from the main train station extend. The second railway bridge visible belongs to an an old track no longer in use today. Back in 2004 it was only rarely used for freight trains – together with the famous bigger railway brigde crossing the river it was supposed to be converted to a pedestrian and cycling path in the future, but nothing has happened so far. In the middle you can see some of the buildings on the pedestrian zone Schloßstraße and the parallel running Leineweberstrasse and behind them you can see the church and even the top of the big hospital building. On the far left is a part of the multi-storey car park belonging to the shopping mall, on the right are mostly residential buildings.

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