City Views #34: Berliner Platz Crossing

It’s been a while since the last entry of the City Views series, so let’s change venues and jump right into the busy parts of the town. This is the intersection of the Leineweberstrasse and Friederich-Ebert-Strasse at the west end of the inner city. If you go left, you end up on the Schlossbrücke crossing the river and going right you will come close to the shopping mall and the highrises. I’m not sure if the building with the rounded roof has a special name, but it’s 1950s architecture is one of the most famous views in this area. Further down you can see the old Kaufhof department store, which was still open when I took this photo in 2004 – today it’s history. In the background is the town hall with its unmistakable tower. The Berliner Platz is actually just off to the left, but since the whole area doesn’t have a special name the intersection is often referred to as the Kreuzung am Berliner Platz.

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