City Views #39: Schloßstrasse II

From the same walk as the previous picture in the City Views series, but this time looking down the Schloßstrasse from a viewpoint only a few meters further up – you can actually see the same silly advertisements of the fish restaurant here. In 2004, when this photo was taken, the huge Kaufhof department store was still open and there was still business going on at this end of the pedestrian zone. Today, even Woolworth, then located at the left corner building is gone together with many other shops. Only the Hotel Noy, whose staircase railing you can see on the left, is still there. The Schloßstrasse was only made into a pedestrian zone in the mid-1970s, when the City Center (today the Forum) together with the highrises at the other end was built – before, this was a normal street with even the tramway running through it. I should be able to dig out a couple of historic photos from the street as it was in the 1960s soon, but first the walk up the Schloßstrasse continues in the next images.

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