Archive 12. April 2014

River Views #9: Water Inhabitants VI

Mrs. Mallard looks a tad worried here, but she was in fact totally relaxed and didn’t even mind me pointing my camera at her. The river ducks are so used to people around here that you can almost pet them, but only almost! Better not mess with the private life of ducks :-).

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The Fuzzy Tree

This tree in the front yard of the house next to us, and each year for a couple of weeks it produces these seeds which drift through the air as if it’s snowing – but mostly only when the sun is shining!

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Springflowers #73

Tiny, small, maybe Bluebells? I’m not quite sure, but they look nice.

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Balcony Flowers #32

Daffodil sideview with some maple bokeh in the background. The photos I’m posting of the balcony flowers are actually about two weeks old and the daffodils have long since withered, but I’m going to continue posting them in sequence to always have something colourful here.

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ISS Archive 2013 for Yuri’s Night

A little basic astrophotography for Yuri’s Night – I’ve now uploaded all my ISS shots from 2013 to a dedicated gallery. The above photo is only one of the twelve and maybe not technically perfect, but still my favourite one because the space station was relatively low on the horizon and you can actually see a little curve in the long exposure. Let’s see what 2014 brings – hopefully clear skies!

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