Archive 24. December 2015

Moonstack #112 – The One before Christmas Eve Edition

Since it’s absolutely pouring down here today on Christmas Eve and I have no chance whatsoever looking at tonight’s full Moon, here’s yesterday’s instead – which was not bad at all too!

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Cactus Flower 2015-II #44

The Christmas Cactus is almost on time today for the festivities!

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Tree’s Up 2015 – Christmas Eve Edition

Merry Christmas, everyone! This is actually from December 17 because it’s so windy today that it’s impossible to take a good photo of the tree right now. And it’s really warm – almost 14°C/57°F! I hope everyone has a nice holiday – here in Germany, presents are actually given on the evening of the 24th, so Christmas actually begins today for us and December 25 and 26 are both holidays.

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