Archive 31. December 2015

Balcony Flowers 2015 #655

A duo of Chrysanthemum blossoms as the last post of 2015 – I may post some
fireworks later if I’m still awake enough for some quick processing, though!

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Cactus Flower 2015-II #50

There was a Cactus Flower duet shortly before Christmas – a perfect way to
end the old and start the new year! To be continued tomorrow… in 2016! :-)

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Balcony Flowers 2015 #654

2015 is rapidly going away and parts of the world have already crossed into 2016 – but I still have about a week’s worth of Balcony Flowers left, which I’m going to post at the usual rate. Happy New Year everyone – there may be some fireworks photos later tonight if I’m lucky to catch a few! :-)

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